any color from any projected light source

Chris Jordan

Concept: to have the ability to select a color of a projection source (slide, digital, film).

For the perfornace aspect to work, the device should be operable by any determined computer program (loop, rhythm, data input) or by hand (or chin, or elbow)
By creating a gradeted halftone out of theater gels , the horizontal position is made to determine the amount of color being applied. This is a photo of the light board, with stencil for cutting laid out. This was by far the most challenging aspect of the overal piece.

The light source at about 4" off the lens is quite blurred, and not accurately controllable. Still, the effect is quite lovely, with the color variation on more hard-lined slides is very "believable" as a form of colorization.
Lego toys has this amazingly simple, yet quite scaleable device called the Mindstorms robotic invention kit. It's basically a simple cpu on a lego block. This allows for the unit to be programmed, through NQC (not quite C), or directly via infrared through a computer/data source.

(shout to the MIT group that developed this device as well!)

Here's the final performance setup. The small tabs stick out just enough to slide easily from left to right.

This then allows for full fades of color, through intensities.

Its' stil a bit shaky in performances, and the programming isn't quite finished, but it's performed fantastically for 3 shows thusfar.

for your interest,