Projeckt Projector

Getting up on the wall with light Friday and Saturday (I’m on the buildings and bridges Friday night)

Video Dumbo

Projecting at Galapagos as part of the Dumbo Arts Festival, with some excellent musician friends. More at:

Fine Diving 004

Grand Ferry Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 2PM-10PM Experimentally-minded music and art – exploring the relationships between the concert hall and the dance floor, the austere and the lush, the hypnotic and the startling. I’ll be creating some sun-reflection timelapse recordings, then in the evening, projecting these in incidental spaces in the park. Bryan Teoh Burchan Acar…

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Rooftop Concert in Chinatown

rooftop chillout, from dark until 149 east broadway #4 (E. Bway, between Pike & Rutgers) F train to East Broadway (stop is at Rutgers) tunes DJ Too Much (Eat Records / EVR) live sound – P.G. Six / Bob Bannister duo – grg ptrsn – anti:clockwise – Caspar Stracke ( lighting (not lightning, PLEASE no…

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Mounting mirrors

Mirrors go with projectors just as much as lenses do, but typically are difficult to work with as they are fragile, sharp, and can be tricky to mount and position. I came up with a pretty easy method of mounting positionable mirrors with projectors, after WAY too much trial and error. This method is for…

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“More Life” music video

This is a track I created the video for by Erik Stein (wavewhore) called, “More Life”.