Chamber of Infinite Light, by Chris Jordan Collaboratively scored by Ethan Hayden, Katie Weissman and Proto SeeJ’s COIL (Chamber of Infinite Light) is a collaborative installation inviting visitors to enter the chamber and experience the unique sound and light spacialization. Audio by Ethan Hayden (Infrasonic Press), Doc Proto, and cellist Kate Weissman. COIL is dedicated…

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Color Invasion Space Windows

For the IIDA’s NYC chapter, I created a space corridor utilizing two ultra short throw projectors, hand-made rear projection screens, paper cutout and magnets. The universe was comprised of James Webb Space Telescope imagery and fan made art, set to realistically drift by and cycle through during a “warp” event.


An interactive projection installation on Central American refugees, by Miah Artola & Chris Jordan EV Gallery 621 East 11th Street New York, NY 10009 (MAP) Stream will have its public opening on Tuesday, July 12th 2022,  6-9pm On display every evening until July 24th, 2022 Stream is an installation at EV Gallery, New York, by…

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