G33k xmas|

Timelapses from G33k's Past

May 2004

October 2004

May 2005

May 2006

January 2008

What Has Been Swapped (very incomplete)


What people have brought in the past that other's have taken (in no particular order or completeness): Tounge depressors, 8 track mixer, mics, digital still and video cameras, Color Kinetics lights, hand-held video games, PS1's, laptops, slide projectors, cables of every hue, cd's/dvd's people have created, PDA's, midi controllers and converters, motors, routers, Tivo(*4), laptops, graphics cards, amps, cd changers, 4-channel mixers, dj mixers, clocks, mice, headphones, burners (not the dusty people), tools, and many things I'm not sure have names....but were tremendously entertaining to try and figure out. 

What it is...
G33k Xmas is a roughly-annual gathering of friends who are obsessed with technology and art. We get together and offer up our extra tech to anyone who shows up, and take home whatever we find useful. The conversation and curiosity around the different items makes this an amazing night of g33k fun.

Swapping technology, versus buying something new, allows us to try many different technologies out, hear about new ones (who knew vector displays can be hacked). It encourages the reuse and repurposing, instead of recycling or purchasing of technology.|