Photos from trip
to Spain
Bennicassim, the beach town from on top of the mountain. This was where the trip began, and lasted for 7 days.
The ruins of a 500 year old monastary on the way down the mountain. Visions of monks climbing the mountain in funny robes are easy to conjur.
The main entrance to the monestary, with the main church in the background.
A view from within the ruins, with only gnarled trees for support.
Dancing Salsa with a wonderful mother to be posing. The members of the program for Peace Studies dancing all around.
Lisa & Jani
My Hostess'.
The Basho haiku light constructed for the housewarming gift.

Something about most people's gift is never seen. Like Chestnuts in the eaves.
Lisa showing off her love of movement with the kite.
Well well, who could that be???
This delightful man was out walking his dog on a wonderful spring afternoon in Castillion.
Castillion's labarinthian streets, haphazardly reconstructed after WWII.
More of those streets, with the church at the center of town, miraculously still entact. Compare the newness of this street with the following picture.
Old antigua sector of Barcelona.
Gaudi's playground and inspiration obviously comes from these old Barcelona streets.
Gaudi's architecture
Gaudi's architecture
Gaudi's architecture
Gaudi's architecture
This shows Barcelona from the Miro museum.
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