Projection Performance Artwork and Devices

For many years now, I have been working to create modular lighting devices that operate with projectors. I've come up with a number of different modules that I've used for performance and installations, like for Bob Mould's 2002 US tour.

Much of the thinking behind this stems from the dada movement's work with exquisite corpse types of mental art play. My work, similarly to William S. Burroughs, addresses, not through sound directly , but more through imagery, the intrinsic language of the subconscious. These devices and installations attempt to provide collective interactive mechanisms, expanding upon the traditional forms of human interaction.

One of these devices is a color selector. The device is either hand or programmatically controled, and allows, through red, green, blue color filters, the ability to select a color of any projection source's output.

As I document more of these devices that I have created, I will put them here.