New Island Festival with FIGMENT

Governor’s Island is going out with a bang this season, staying open until 11pm Thursday through Sunday; with FIGMENT contributing a full line up of artists, installations, and dj’s on Saturday from 11AM – 11PM. [media id=1] I’ve thrown myself into the fray with numerous installations, including a 3d stage (thanks Noise), with 3d glasses…

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Fab Faux plays REVOLVER

Projections for The Fab Faux, at The Beacon. These guys recreate The Beatles sound with amazing detail and accuracy. I’ll be creating a visual accompaniment that draws from the visual history of the band, while bringing it to the modern day. Timelapse of the entire day (40 megs)

Six Days West

Sept. 10 until Nov. 8 (reception Sept. 17) The time art piece, “Six Days West” is in a group show titled, “Natural Histories” at a new gallery in Dumbo, Central Booking. Curated by Maddy Rosenberg, Central Booking is a new gallery focusing on book arts and mixed-media. Six Days West is a week condensed to…

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Temple of Ephemeral Light Creatures on the Island of the Gamelatron

Presented at STRANDED! Organized by Winkel & Balktick. With Zemi-17 and the Gamelatron Timelapse of the installation (23 megs) (Photo courtesy Eric Brown) Background Through Millions of orbits of the cradle planet Earth around the Sun, life spontaneously emerged and evolved from a mixture of cosmic gases to amoeba and paramecium; from tad pole to…

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