Temple of Ephemeral Light Creatures on the Island of the Gamelatron

Presented at STRANDED! Organized by Winkel & Balktick.

With Zemi-17 and the Gamelatron

Timelapse of the installation (23 megs)

(Photo courtesy Eric Brown)


Through Millions of orbits of the cradle planet Earth around the Sun, life spontaneously emerged and evolved from a mixture of cosmic gases to amoeba and paramecium; from tad pole to frog; from caterpillar to butterfly; from fish to whales and dolphins; from insects to mammals and apes, from humans to the 3 shells of cyborgs with a human brain and the 8 stages of energy beings.

There were many turning points in evolutions where species came to pass with only the rarest of their ancestors surviving. There were times when the environment of the cradle forced species to alter their physical and mental states to survive. It was common for humans to alter their bodies, merging with brain controlled machines, gradually refining their “shell” and expanding the capacity of their minds till their were no remnants of the body. Just as the human body had disappeared, so had so many of the fertile characteristics of the cradle planet. The Earth had become dark, covered in thick grey clouds, above a surface of never ending sea. Through these transformations, there was a time when life itself, just as all maturing adolescents, needed to leave its cradle and enter the greater universe.

As the creatures matured over thousands of years they became nostalgic for their ancestors on earth. Their curiosity lead to a thirst to understand their origins, both physical and within the myths of the humans. They returned to Earth and gathered artifacts of the great societies. Among them was a set of curious bronze objects, later determined to be musical instruments that resonated in special tonal proportions when struck. They commissioned the building of a robot to ring these tones in the manner of their long past ancestors. Just as the ancient orchestra of humans striking the instruments known as a Gamelan, the Gamelatron would tell poetic stories of the evolution of life in the language of pure resonance. An island was built on the sea far above where the curious bronze objects were found on the submerged Island of Brooklyn, beside the fabled heathen land of Manhattanous. A temple was erected on the Island of the Gamelatron, becoming a pilgrimage place for the ephemeral light beings to gather, basking and meditate in the resonance of the Gamelatron. It is here that the ephemeral light creatures discovered their thread to nirvana. It is here that we surrender our destructive tendencies that inhibit our evolution and offer it to the alter of the Gamelatron for our collective transcendence.