Synapse @ Synesthesia w sel-sync +

22 years ago I played one of my first performances in NYC with Robert Dennis, in the back room of the Pink Pony Cafe (photos below from 2001). We’re performing together again June 15th at Synesthesia Space in Brooklyn. An evening of live experimental music and visuals. Performances by The Centaur and The Phoenix (Christian…

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Walking with Shimla @ Mixed Poetics

Recalling a walk in India when I was 18, this poem and projection performance about memory and compassion takes the audience on a journey to the Himalayas. Full program MIXED POETICS II: NONFICTION TEXT & TRANSMEDIA Tickets: $20 General Admission / $10 Reduced Price Sunday, April 21st at 5PM Please join us for the second installment of…

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Syzygy / Ecliptica @ FEED, Eclipse after party

Performances for guitar, disklavier, + projections Enki Andrews, Ethan HaydenCJ Jordan, David Linton Two performances, 6pm, 9pm Syzygy Disklavier composition by Ethan Hayden, projections by Enki and Cj Ecliptica David Linton on guitar, with Ethan Hayden on trombone, with Enki and Cj projecting eclipses of the community’s faces taken during the day.

Plan 23 @ Synesthesia for Invincible Vibrations VI

A night of live music/visuals + video screenings from the 2023/2024 MultiMadeira artist residency in Madeira, Portugal.  ?Ticket?  ?Address?Bushwick area ( close to J, M, L train)You will get our address info from Eventbrite’s confirmation email. ?Timetable?8:00 -open8:30pm -Screening, MultiMadeira and a short film by Miloš Ja?imovi?9:00 -Lukatoyboy – plays Garbage Risotto (Berlin/Austin/NYC)9:30 – Keiko Uenishi10:30…

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A celebration of art culture and community survivalism in dystopian times. This installment features an eclectic collection of live music and visual performances by ATTRACTIVE NUISANCE / YANA DAVYDOVA / PLAN 23 + CJ (Visuals). The event will begin with doors opening at 8:00 pm, followed by the performances starting at 8:30 pm. 8:00 pm…



Chamber of Infinite Light, by Chris Jordan Collaboratively scored by Ethan Hayden, Katie Weissman and Proto SeeJ’s COIL (Chamber of Infinite Light) is a collaborative installation inviting visitors to enter the chamber and experience the unique sound and light spacialization. Audio by Ethan Hayden (Infrasonic Press), Doc Proto, and cellist Kate Weissman. COIL is dedicated…

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Bee Sharp in Riga, Latvia

Bee Day in the Forest Park Kokaru Hall, Stage, Pavilion, Riga (Latvia) Rae Howell conducting her seminal “Bee Sharp Honeybee” with a local ensemble of musicians; accompanied on the screen by myself, using original animations. Two performances, at 3:00pm and 5:00pm. FREE Teaser Full second performance Šobr?d ekolo?ijas jaut?jums pasaul? ir viens no pašiem svar?g?kajiem,…

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Goth Dance Party at G&S

Projecting classic goth videos at the Gemini and Scorpio loft, with DJ Shiver.

New Years Eve@ Scorpio / Gemini loft party

1920’s art nouveau cutouts formed the backdrop for the clock striking midnight. Featuring Funkrust, the post-apocalyptic brass band, Kelvin’s storytelling, and a circus of performers through the night.

Color Invasion Space Windows

For the IIDA’s NYC chapter, I created a space corridor utilizing two ultra short throw projectors, hand-made rear projection screens, paper cutout and magnets. The universe was comprised of James Webb Space Telescope imagery and fan made art, set to realistically drift by and cycle through during a “warp” event.

Invincible Vibrations IV

A celebration of art culture and community survivalism in dystopian times. This installment features an eclectic collection of live music and visual performances by a roster of eclectic and pervasive, persistent and unstoppable NY artists. BUY TICKETS ($20 Eventbrite) Music PLAN 23gnaATTRACTIVE NUISANCEKEIKO UENISHIKELVIN DALY Visuals GEOFF MATTERSCHRIS JORDAN

Convergence VJ set 2022

Played for over three hours with Bahb and Noise at the annual Minneapolis Sci-fi convention, Convergence.

Rabbidity Rules Music Video

Rabidity Rules (Clark ov Saturn’s Runnin’ on Acid Remix)By: E23 & Chris MosdellFrom:  _Consumed By Ecstatic Cargoes_ Video by: Seej, drone camerawork by Rob Cohen

Bowery Poetry Club facade projections

Working with City Lore, Bob Holman, and the POMobile, we projected poetry on the Bowery Poetry Club facade for an event.

Persephone Halloween projections

House of Scorpiopresents Persephone: dark dance + dungeon Halloween 9pm-3am, 21+ (25+ suggested)S&G Members: $0-30non-members: $30 until 10.27 / $40 after, if available / $20 after 12am if capacity allows *Vaccine proof required for entry*Littlefield, 635 Sackett St, Gowanus, BK Sofy ( and I projecting at our dear friend Larisa’s event in Gowanus for…

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Slow Roll

Cruising the BBP piers with friends and a multi-point sound system, with a Balkan-themed play list and bike lights.

Invincible Vibrations III – Ohmslice and Plan 23

Back at Synesthesia Space rooftop, for an evening of light and sound performances. TR7David LintonΩ▽(OHMSLICE)Plan 23Chris Jordan – live projections Live recording of the evening at:

The Pencil (1996)

5 minute film shot on 16mm. I took a class at the Midwest Media Artist Access Center in Minneapolis, where I volunteered for a few years in 1996. I think the class was free for volunteers. Shot and edited on 16mm. This was made with Cali and Eric’s help. Many shots from the inside of…

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The Roots / Babyrose

Sitting in for Lady Firefly, I created the LED panel content for this Cadillac sponsored commercial at Irving Plaza.

Invincible Vibrations II @ Synesthesia

Contributing a visual accompaniment with two bands, NurbStream and Plan 23, on a rooftop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Saturday, Nov 7th 6-11pm Donation-Based TicketBecause of Covid, we have a limited number of Tickets.Suggested Donation $15-20 AddressBushwick Area ( close to M, J, L train)NOTE: You will get the address when you get a ticket from the…

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Invincible Vibrations I

Performing on a rooftop in Bushwick with Plan 23. 60 person limit. Special thanks to Andrew and the NYPD for letting us continue after 12:30pm! Ongoing journeys in sound and lightlive performances by: ●New York A/V InstituteBoris Naz – drum machine, synthesizersDJ Activphaze – turntables and samplesYana Davydova – guitarVJ Fuzzy Bastard – live visuals—–●Patrick…

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Isolation Nation

13 minute collaboration with Bradford Reed, Geoff Gersh, and myself. Breaking our solitude to remotely come together around the thoughts and ideas we’ve been stewing with.

OptoSonic [UnLock] (BYOTea)

Sunday April 26th 2020 3 – 11 pm EDT (15:00 – 23:00 NY time) OptoSonic [UnLock] (BYOTea), a collaboration Between OptoSonic Tea, NowNet Arts and Parrish Art Museum, is a community collective, audio-visual live improvisation network event featuring over 60 live visual and live audio artists from around the world coming together from several…

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WARPER Party with Jaygo

Josh Goldberg and myself playing at WARPER party. Its been years since we’ve performed at WARPER. Josh played 16 years ago to date at the very first Warper party at the Delancy. The Deep End 1080 Wyckoff Ave, New York, New York 11385 MAP 8pm – 4am BACK ROOM VISUALS 8:00 – Primitive Heart 10:00…

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Bee Sharp Honeybee

An immersive journey through the secret life of bees.. featuring a string orchestra, live projections, and a live camera on a hive on site. Part of the Natimuck arts festival, Natifrinj, in Australia. Music composed and conducted by the amazing Rae Howell (Sunwrae). Projections by CJ. Bees by Mother Nature. Bee-Sharp Honeybee (the world premiere!)…

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Optosonic Tea at Parrish Museum

For this group performance, I set up a macro lens that recorded loops utilizing a pull focus, that were then layered repeatedly. The source material were hand-painted 35MM slides, plant clippings from the surrounding area, found-film, steel-wool, and polarized materials. Curated specifically for the Museum’s Platform series by OptoSonic Tea founders Ursula Scherrer and Katherine…

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Autumn Equinox Hosted by The Park Church Co-op and Creatrix Magazine Saturday at 6:30 PM – 11 PM The Park Church Co-op129 Russell St, Brooklyn, New York 11222 In celebrations of the AUTUMN EQUINOXmagic & shamanism seriesNOUMENA: MUSIC OF THE SPHERES Artists:PLAN 23 w Cj w Cj OTHERS SINELNIKOVA Since the 90s of XXc philosophers and art historians…


Plan 23 at Mind Cosmologies

Performance with Plan 23 in a multi-projection gallery space. Lecture on Ayahuasca by Stanley Krippner Telepathy experiment and performance Produced by Steve Speers

Elevated Signals

Plan 23 with Cj 8pm – 1amSynesthesia Space47 Thames Street #306Brooklyn 112376$15 Elevated Signals is an evening of live electronic and experimental music – live sculpture – live painting – live video. Featuring artists from the 23 Windows Art Collective. Dedicated to the life, works and memory of Roky Erickson, true pioneer and martyr.  NURBSTREAM  electronic…

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The Sense of Noise Loft Party

May 11 Sat 6pm – 1am. Private loft concert with Plan 23. Projections off of mirror wheels with fog. 169 Spencer St. Brooklyn, NY 7pm Hisayasu Takashio – Live performance 8pm RoomTemperature9pm Naoki Iwakawa – Live performanceProject Kandata – Modular SynthAkio Mokuno – No input mixerN Heroux – Guitar electronic12am Plan 23 with Cj –…

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May the 4th & S&G loft w Mojo

Experimenting with space-windows, I cut out and hung foam core in window shapes. Mojo then mapped our space content to the foam core. This was in front of a black mesh at the stage front. This allowed us to let any spill light “disappear” behind the black scrim. Thanks Mojo! Mojo VideotechScorpio & Gemini Loft

Plushstatic w Plan 23 / Sofy

Performing with Plan 23 and special guest Sofy Yuditskaya. Plushstatic is a deep ambiant immersive music event in this new venue in Brooklyn. Our dear friends The Azerbaijan AV Club are on the bill as well. 9pm – 3am $20 (tickets) DEMOPLEX 109 Meserole StreetBrooklyn, NY, USA Note: Images above include both the Azerbaijan AV…

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Lumi Ciclo

Every evening from Dec. 2018 – January 2020, Lumi Ciclo converts a walking bridge into an abstract clock. Produced in conjunction with Totem Brooklyn, coding help by Ian Shelanskey. 51st Ave and 21st St, Queens, NY Press

Thee Worm Returns <•> BK Psychfest 1

SunnyvaleFriday, September 28, 2018 at 8 PM – 3 AM Featuring • Genesis P-Orridge ( Special Guest: Wetware ( • WILD TØR∇S ( – ALBUM RELEASE • Eartheater ( • Timeghost • Octonomy ( • ONISM ( • Long Distance Poison ( • Animals Against Humans( • Cami-Oh ( ______________Video and illuminations__________________ • CJ (• Clau Perez 200 tickets only will be sold to this event! BUY TICKETS

Plan 23 at Holo

CANTICUM INTERR_PTUS PRESENTS DISTENDED INTERR_PTUS (CURATED BY DAVID LINTON) distENDed interr_ptus (DI)realtime sound and image performance  FEATURING 11:00 pmPLAN 23 (sound) & Chris Jordan (image)http://plan23.net 10:00 pmREG BLOOR (guitar) 9:15 pmGEOFF GERSH (guitar) & CHRISTOF KNOCHE (bass clarinet) 8:30 pmTHE BUNKER: Jess Rowland, Meg Schedel & Sofy Yuditskaya (sound)with special guest Ria Rajan’s (image)  8PM…

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Words on Steam

Working with Bob Holman, Sahar Muradi and Steve Zeitlin — we had an impromptu poetry event on steam at 63rd St. and Park Avenue in Manhattan. The PoeMobile’s last ride, with readings by: Kewulay Kamara, Nikhil Melnechuk, Annie Lanzillotto, Ké Kamara, Bob Holman, Steve Zeitlin, Sahar Muradi CAMERA/SOUND/EDITING Gretta Wilson Jake Rosenberg This was an…

The Mellish Show

Lovingly crafted projections for Mellish’s band in Philly. 


I helped create this installation for Andrew Ratcliff in Long Island City, Queens. This is year round permanent installation, turning on at sunset. Read more at (photo by: Beyti Barbaros)