OptoSonic [UnLock] (BYOTea)

Sunday April 26th 2020 3 – 11 pm EDT (15:00 – 23:00 NY time) OptoSonic [UnLock] (BYOTea), a collaboration Between OptoSonic Tea, NowNet Arts and Parrish Art Museum, is a community collective, audio-visual live improvisation network event featuring over 60 live visual and live audio artists from around the world coming together from several …

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Bee Sharp Honeybee

An immersive journey through the secret life of bees.. featuring a string orchestra, live projections, and a live camera on a hive. Music by Rae Howell (Sunwrae). Projections by CJ. Bees by Mother Nature. Bee-Sharp Honeybee (the world premiere!) magnifies the subtle intricacies of the beehive. Developed from extensive research of rhythm, pitch, and waggle …

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Autumn Equinox Hosted by The Park Church Co-op and Creatrix Magazine Saturday at 6:30 PM – 11 PM The Park Church Co-op129 Russell St, Brooklyn, New York 11222 In celebrations of the AUTUMN EQUINOXmagic & shamanism seriesNOUMENA: MUSIC OF THE SPHERES Artists:PLAN 23 w Cj w Cj OTHERS SINELNIKOVA Since the 90s of XXc philosophers and art historians …


Elevated Signals

Plan 23 with Cj 8pm – 1amSynesthesia Space47 Thames Street #306Brooklyn 112376$15 Elevated Signals is an evening of live electronic and experimental music – live sculpture – live painting – live video. Featuring artists from the 23 Windows Art Collective. Dedicated to the life, works and memory of Roky Erickson, true pioneer and martyr.  NURBSTREAM  electronic …

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May the 4th & S&G loft w Mojo

Experimenting with space-windows, I cut out and hung foam core in window shapes. Mojo then mapped our space content to the foam core. This was in front of a black mesh at the stage front. This allowed us to let any spill light “disappear” behind the black scrim. Thanks Mojo! Mojo VideotechScorpio & Gemini Loft

Lumi Ciclo

Every evening from Dec. 2018 – January 2020, Lumi Ciclo converts a walking bridge into an abstract clock. Produced in conjunction with Totem Brooklyn, coding help by Ian Shelanskey. 51st Ave and 21st St, Queens, NY Press

Thee Worm Returns <•> BK Psychfest 1

SunnyvaleFriday, September 28, 2018 at 8 PM – 3 AM Featuring • Genesis P-Orridge ( Special Guest: Wetware ( • WILD TØR∇S ( – ALBUM RELEASE • Eartheater ( • Timeghost • Octonomy ( • ONISM ( • Long Distance Poison ( • Animals Against Humans( • Cami-Oh ( ______________Video and illuminations__________________ • CJ (• Clau Perez 200 tickets only will be sold to this event! BUY TICKETS

Plan 23 at Holo

CANTICUM INTERR_PTUS PRESENTS DISTENDED INTERR_PTUS (CURATED BY DAVID LINTON) distENDed interr_ptus (DI)realtime sound and image performance  FEATURING 11:00 pmPLAN 23 (sound) & Chris Jordan (image)http://plan23.net 10:00 pmREG BLOOR (guitar) 9:15 pmGEOFF GERSH (guitar) & CHRISTOF KNOCHE (bass clarinet) 8:30 pmTHE BUNKER: Jess Rowland, Meg Schedel & Sofy Yuditskaya (sound)with special guest Ria Rajan’s (image)  8PM …

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Words on Steam

Working with Bob Holman, Sahar Muradi and Steve Zeitlin — we had an impromptu poetry event on steam at 63rd St. and Park Avenue in Manhattan. The PoeMobile’s last ride, with readings by: Kewulay Kamara, Nikhil Melnechuk, Annie Lanzillotto, Ké Kamara, Bob Holman, Steve Zeitlin, Sahar Muradi CAMERA/SOUND/EDITING Gretta Wilson Jake Rosenberg This was an…


I helped create this installation for Andrew Ratcliff in Long Island City, Queens. This is year round permanent installation, turning on at sunset. Read more at (photo by: Beyti Barbaros)

Laundry King Gallery Show, Livingston Manor

Live projections for an evening of music at Livingston Manor, NY. NFS joins House Guest and Plan 23 to bring experimental electronic music to the Laundry King on Saturday, August 27. Plan 23 delivers sonic explorations into uncharted spaces. Encompassing a sonic spectrum from dark-ambient to noise, drone to electronic they are redefining psychedelic music …

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Psychedelic Immersion Theater

Part of CREATIVE TECH WEEK – FRI, May 6th, 9pm – 2am Brainwaves modulate live sound & video in real-time. As part of Creative Tech Week New York’s sonic explorations group PLAN 23 presents: “PSYCHEDELIC IMMERSION THEATER” – an extended, immersive, audio-visual experience. During the performance electrode sensors will measure the musicians’ brainwaves in real-time, …

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Dreamcrusher SEWER RATS BK Ω▽ Ohmslice Speak Onion Godxss Dr Iver Seej

THURSDAY MARCH 17TH BLACKRAT BRINGS a FREE SHOW of LIVE :: ANALOG :: DIGITAL :: WORDS :: NOISE :: BEATS :: AUDIO featuring: SEEJ kinetic installation projections DREAMCRUSHER genderqueer, thrash, xvx, visceral, vomit SEWER RATS BK gabberjazz animetal tekrøk – duo set Ω▽ OHMSLICE Bradford Reed (percussion via modular synthesizer) & Jane LeCroy (vocals) SPEAK …

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