The Last Masquerade (DANGER)

Lighting for the Gamelatron, rear silhouette camera/projection installation, and refracted mirror projections for the DANGER party’s Halloween party in Bushwick. Read more  

DROID loft performance, LES

Doors: 8:30pm Sets: 9:30pm & 11pm $15 Live projections with a group of musicians in the Lower East Side. I’ve been collaborating and evolving my work with this group for three years now; so expect a very sophisticated, synchronized set, mixed with a handful of protocinema elements. Jordan McLean – trumpt & electronics Adam Holzman…

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OSB with Glowing Pictures

The museum party season is upon us once again, back at the Rose Center for One Step Beyond with Glowing Pictures (Benton-C Bainbridge and Owen Bush). Music by Amanda Blank, Devlin and Darko. “The One Step Beyond party is back at the American Museum of Natural History, and we’re more than psyched about it. Presented…

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