Galapagos in DUMBO Opening

Another weekend at the new Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo. If you missed getting out last weekend, you have a second chance to see this new space before it becomes too hip and overcrowded.

$7 at the door

There’s a lot of artists in this one, so hold on…

Projections by Eric Dunlap, Chika Imagima, and CJ
Paintings by Leigha Pettett
Video Installation by Katja Loher
Haircuts (free + tip) by Kenny Makes You Beautiful!
Resurrection Wardrobe (free + tip) by Fais Dodo


9pm Colin Steel
10pm Paranoid Larry and his imaginary band
11pm Asakomusic
12am Fa Ventilato
DJ Joey Cutty

Eric Dunlap Creates, conducts, and composes light and movement from the Met to Monkeytown. His work has been an inspiration to myself and the literally hundreds of visual composers he’s put on the screen through Forward Motion Theater’s Eyewash events. Think of Eric as the night’s special mystery guest, that you just happen to be on the know about.

Chika Imagima is a live computer visuals artist working within New York’s expanded cinema community and VJ scene. Her videos implement geometric minimalist patterns and original graphics in unique, repetitive combinations. CHiKA works exclusively with Module8 from Gragecube in Switzerland.

CHiKA has performed at the Museum of Modern Art, The Hammer Museum, The Mapping Festival, Mutek, San Francisco Art Institutem, Monkeytown, The Issue Project, Galapagos, Tonic, as well as private parties, festivals, events, galleries and night clubs.

Since CHiKA started performing live in the summer of 2004, she has become very active in the experimental music and video underground scene in NYC. She is a member of the Share community, a weekly multimedia open jam.

Haircuts by Kenny will make you dazzle! Change your looks & your life with a precision
haircut by master hairstylist Kenny! All for a drink…

Leigha Pettett Paintings (1,000 words, not even close)

Fais Dodo, Vinegar Hill design collective, will cut, sew, deconstruct then reassemble the clothes off your back creating a new, one of a kind piece for your wardrobe. OR bring something old and we’ll give it a new flair. Fais Dodo are three artists (Parker, Mercedes and Lopeti) working in a studio in vinegar hill making clothes and good time.

Joey Cutty spins all kind of good music. Lots of dance stuff, Baltimore club, Underground hip hop, Eighties and much more. He mixes, samples and scratches all live! He’s the kind of dj that’s fun to watch!

Colin Steel is a NYC songwriter, guitarist and singer. Many of his songs were written in or around DUMBO and the Lower East Side, and his lyrics often enshrine the infrastructure (and watering holes) of these neighborhoods. He performs solo and ensemble, and has played his music all over the United States.

Paranoid Larry and his imaginary band
Paranoid Larry was discovered several years ago on a rooftop here in DUMBO by a video location crew. Since then he’s performed regularly with his imaginary band throughout the country. A highly unique show, blending music, satire, insanity, romance, push-ups and humor.

Asako Fujimoto
Asako Fujimoto plays analog synthesizer, glockenspiel computer & little tribal instruments. The result, AsakoMusic, is dreamy and spacey, and sung in different languages.

Fa Ventilato
Sound and mash-up artist Fa Ventilato’s freestyle approach incorporates the art of looping, real-time composing and sampling with simultaneous dj-mixing skills. By manipulating CDs with high quality samples of classical instruments and loops he creates a collage of sounds and rhythms. His most recent mash-up is: Robert Johnson vs. Karl-Heinz Stockhausen presented by “Fuckitnosh”.

Katja Loher
In her installations Katja Loher seeks to deliver precise, as well as poetic metaphors on the ambivalent relationships between power, freedom and dependency.
Katja Loher projects her video works onto the surfaces of weather balloons and transforms them into Video-Planets. In Video-Tellurium (2008 work-in-progress) Katja Loher moves the viewer temporarily away from earth into the darkness of space and shows our planet from an exterior perspective.

Chris Jordan (seeJ)
Explores the medium of light, movement, and time through the use of technology. The common elements that define Chris’ work include explorations into memory, photography, film, interactivity, and projections. By examining the political and social implications technology has on us through a diversity of media, his work challenges the viewer to redefine perceptions of audience and performer. /

Yes, its going to be a pretty packed night.