Galapagos Opening Party


Friday, August 22nd, 8pm
$0.00 (yes, free!)
Galapagos Art Space Dumbo

Come out to gawk at the lovely new performance space. Read more on the Galapagos Art Space website, including a great write up on arts and accessibility in NYC. All for how much?

10pm Asakomusic
11pm Tim & Puma Mimi
12pm DJ Benjamin (Disco and Afro Beats)
Visuals by Chris Jordan (seej)
Video installation by Katja Loher

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Japanese Puma Mimi
is in Tokyo, waking up on Saturday morning. Swiss Tim is in New York, live on our stage. Mimi gets transmitted via skype direct from Saturday morning to a Friday night at Galapagos Art Space in NYC. Cool.

Swiss Tim and Japanese Mimi met in the Netherlands 5 years ago. Since, they’ve recorded songs in trains, airports, via skype and around the globe. ‘one two three Tim and Puma Mimi’ is their third release.

‘…what the duo Tim & Puma Mimi deliver is a fast and crazy mix of cheerful tunes. Breakbeat, J-Pop, even blip minimalism and a good portion of happy groove fuse to a sweet, frisky and at times video-gamish 4-songep.’
(on the label)

Asakomusic plays analog synthesizer, glockenspiel computer & little tribal instruments. The result, AsakoMusic, is dreamy and spacey, and sung in different languages.

Asako is an ambient part of different bands and project collaborations such asTiger Fingers, Dead Radar, [a u d i b l e], doroasako, Katja Loher and Das Videoorchester. Asako’s songs are about abstract feelings towards random things – like clouds, airplane, sheep, moons, sun-shines and friends.

Katja Loher

In her installations Katja Loher (1979 born in Switzerland) merges her ongoing exploration of language and visual form with sophisticated technology and dramatic sculptural awareness.

The New York based artist orchestrates a variety of mediums and collaborators from around the world. She seeks to deliver precise, as well as poetic metaphors on the ambivalent relationships between power, freedom and dependency.

Katja Loher projects her video works onto the surfaces of weather balloons and transforms them into Video-Planets. In Video-Tellurium (2008 work-in-progress) Katja Loher moves the viewer temporarily away from earth into the darkness of space and shows our planet from an exterior perspective. Video-Planets with 360° Projections.

Chris Jordan (seej)

I’ll be contributing light and movement to the evening. Should be a great time.