Ghost against Ghost at Monkeytown

Admission: $7, $10 minimum
Showtime: 8:30pm
reservations are recommended

Ghost Against Ghost: a continuous flow of Modern Musical Space Exploration . Presenting a tapestry of alternating structural threads, GAG moves from free improvisations built upon compelling interactions of the various players to all-out apocalyptic noise jams. And… for the audience’s listening pleasure… once every Red moon, they have been known to disperse the occasional diverse and densely orchestrated song/composition. Meanwhile, this musical evening will be accompanied by the experimental and interactive visual art of Surrealist Film maker, Mark Anderson, made interactive and played live by Chris Jordan. Taking advantage of Monkeytown’s unique surrounding four screen staging room, Ghost Against Ghost will be offering visual clips of their upcoming Astral-Pop Film, “Walonica, 2127”. GAG will be sharing this exciting evening with some well loved and adorable musical friends, some very special Someones from both within this beloved city and across the USA. for more on Ghost against Ghost

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