Lumendog at IPR

I’ll be creating live fractured HD environment texture and rhythm for the premier of this new band, Lumendog at IPR.

232 3rd Street
3rd Floor
(corner 3rd St. and 3rd Ave.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn
F to 4th Avenue or R to Union Street


Lumendog is an electro-acoustic group working with improvisational and
rules-based pieces. Their music ranges from ambient and textural to fierce
and rhythmic, exploring the sounds of acoustic instruments and electronics,
and often incorporating live visuals as another “instrument”. The core
members bring bass clarinet, haromonica, synthesizer, guitar, drums, the
unique Pencilina, and live performative video to the group, and guests range
from additional visualists to all types of musicians.

Lumendog uses any impetus — A word, a note, an idea — to push themselves
outside the comfort zones of their instruments and into challenging the
sonic boundaries between their instruments.


The ensemble HKM+ (Germany/New York) extends musical improvisation with
electro-acoustic instruments that are connected to a network based on audio
signals and network-communication. The aim of this project is to create
transient and spatial situations in this musical network through improvised
musical articulation.

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