“Cue-10” is part of the one year anniversary party/benefit for DEVOTION gallery and 319 Scholes performance and gallery space: two wonderful galleries in Brooklyn NY.

“Cue-10” uses found-objects and digital projection to create a sculpture that blurs the line of projection and object through geometry. The installation uses ceramic reflective micro beads that reinforce the illusion of real/projected geometry

THE SHIFT, a benefit showcase at 319 Scholes for both spaces.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: SOFTlab, Dan Tesene, Marius Watz, Benton Bainbridge, Chris Jordan, Bethany Shorb, Joshue Ott, Sougwen Chung, Aaron Meyers, Jorden Haley, David Last, Phoenix Perry, Micah Frank, Lindsy Howard, Michelle Mayer, Duncan Malaschock, Alexandra Gorczynski, Dave Linnenbank

GALLERY HOURS: Saturday the 28th thru Sunday the 29th 12pm – 4pm | Free Read more