Locost Queue

The installation projects silhouettes of people photographed in Queens, in a queue, moving across the four faces of the clock tower. The rate of movement correlates to the population growth for the city of New York. A light flashes in the tower at the approximate rate of species extinction on the planet. Ie: its estimated that 10,000 species a year become extinct from human behavior. This will be indicated with a flashing light, at a rate of one flash per species extinction.

The installation is part of

No Longer Empty’s
How Much Do I Owe You

PRESS RELEASE_ How Much Do I Owe You

As Time Goes By: Locost Queue Brings Old Clocktower to Life
By Nick Normal in the MAKE blog

Mysterious Shadows In The Queens Plaza Clock Tower
By Sean McIntyre in the Creators Project blog.

Presentation at Dorkbot NYC on all the projects we had inside and around this historic tower.

Installing the lights, lenses, and stands.
Testing shadows
Testing the lighting before install