Blue Mailbox Book Tour

Annie sits atop street corner mailboxes and performed stories that happened on those corners, while projecting her her words on nearby buildings where those memories took place.

passeggiata letteraria (lit walk)
of L is for Lion

Thurs May 9
6pm Act One: Dinner and Performance in Jimmy’s 43, 43 E 7th Street.

7:30pm Act Two: Meet us in the streets in the East Village on our Lit Walk.
Look for the CityLore POEMobile, and text projected onto buildings at 9th/1st, 7th/A, and 7th/1st.

Projection of Text by Chris Jordan
Trumpet by Pasquale Cangiano
Sax by Rose Imperato
Fire by Salley May
CityLore POEMobile driven by Steve Zeitlin
Readings by: Valerie Reyes-Jiminez, Audrey Kindred, LuLu LoLo, Annie Lanzillotto, Marianna McFierce McClellan, Simba Yangala.