Silo Swing

Revitalizing a disused pair of silos in Flint Michigan, Silo Swing encourages visitors to take a ride on the seven-story kinetic light installation. The installation incorporates reflective wind-catching materials that create a light display on the two large silos both during the daytime and at night.

This interplay of scale and weight, through light and concrete, is brought to life through the pendulum movement of the swing; focusing the neighborhood on simple, accessible, playful interaction. The large arc of the swing, and the play of light that comes from this movement, ties closely to time and our corporeal existence: two stoic concrete monoliths that seem timeless in the landscape become fluid and responsive; foretelling the future park being constructed at Spring Grove.

Comissioned by the Flint Public Art Project, with a grant from the Ruth Mott Foundation.

Special thanks to:
Michael Setter
Flint Youth Theater
everyone at the Flint Public Art Project
Signs by Crannie

Photos by Enki

ABC 12