Psychedelic Immersion Theater

Part of CREATIVE TECH WEEK – FRI, May 6th, 9pm – 2am

Brainwaves modulate live sound & video in real-time.

As part of Creative Tech Week New York’s sonic explorations group PLAN 23 presents: “PSYCHEDELIC IMMERSION THEATER” – an extended, immersive, audio-visual experience. During the performance electrode sensors will measure the musicians’ brainwaves in real-time, which will be visualized and modulate live video and sound. Plan 23’s psychedelic sound encompasses a sonic spectrum from dark-ambient to noise, from drone to 21st century electronica. 

The brainwave visualization and live-video team are Zarah Cabañas (aka vj Lady Firefly), Chris Jordan, Masahiro Kahata [Psychic Lab], and VJ Fuzzy Bastard [Azerbaijan A/V Club]. 

DJ sets by driver235 [ONEX].


FRI May 6th, 2016,
9pm @ 23 Windows Arts Collective
41 Belvidere Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206 (MAP)