AVWAVE part 2

Two evenings of audio video performances at The Firehouse Space, curated by Chris Jordan AVWave The Firehouse Space May 18th, 8pm $10 246 Frost Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 http://www.thefirehousespace.org This is the second night of the two part series I’m organizing, bringing amazing artists in diverse media together. Justin Riley Sima VisualhornHonking + The War […]

Slanted Walk

Slanted Walk Chris Jordan, 2012 The Front Room 147 roebling street williamsburg, brooklyn Front Room Gallery [media id=33] This interactive projection installation examines public space through the use of light and movement. The installation combines live camera of passerbys to create an inverted shadow. By highlighting the individual in the urban landscape, Slanted Walk attempts […]

Rafmögnuð Náttúra

Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival 2012 Hallgrimskirkja Church, Reykjavik, Iceland Feb. 9-12, 2012 Four day timelapse, shot from Cafe Loki[media id=32] Festival sponsor documentation of the installation Celebrating the darkest of days in Reykjavik with the Winter Lights Festival 2012, Chris Jordan brings Iceland’s most recognizable building, Hallgrimskirkja church, to life with light and movement as […]

Chrono Beam

[media id=27] Chrono-Beam is a time-based installation, engaging the realms of memory and space to remap participants’ images onto a public wall in the form of a queue. Participants are recorded and added to the queue of projected people, forming a video-line of people that moves over time. Chrono-Beam converts the sidewalk from a mere…

OptoSonic Tea with Bradford Reed

[media id=24] Live sets by: – Alex Carpenter (live visuals and sound) with James Ross (live sound) – Chris Jordan (live visuals) with Bradford Reed (live sound) Invited respondent/moderator: – Andrea Monti Suggested donation: $ 7 Diapason 882 Third Avenue, between 32nd and 33rd Streets, 10th floor BROOKLYN (Sunset Park) (718) 499-5070 directions: D, N […]

A-Spline at Bring to Light

Projection mapping on the last warehouse standing from the 2006 10 alarm fire in Greenpoint. The installation, titled A-Spline, uses 24,000 lumens to bring the shell of a building to life with light and color. Part of the Bring to Light event, the first “Nuit Blanch” in NYC. 7pm – 12am, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Special thanks […]


“Cue-10” is part of the one year anniversary party/benefit for DEVOTION gallery and 319 Scholes performance and gallery space: two wonderful galleries in Brooklyn NY. “Cue-10” uses found-objects and digital projection to create a sculpture that blurs the line of projection and object through geometry. The installation uses ceramic reflective micro beads that reinforce the […]

Alien Acres Summer Camp

Alien Acres Summer Camp, with 180 people attending this year. The photos and video below represent many many people’s creative work. I was focusing on outdoor projections, including fog and large screens. Jeanne, Sam, Zarah, Sima, Jeremy, and Lukas were also doing projections you see below. The big fire was Jen Upchurch’s FIGMENT temple from […]

Opto V

Opto V, part of FIGMENT’s sculpture park, is an interactive optical environment on Governors Island. The installation will be accessible from early June through October 2010, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The installation is made of vinyl and mesh material, mounted on a frame that creates optical interference from the sun. Numerous optical building blocks encourage participants […]

Qu Yuan Goes West

“Qu Yuan Goes West” (Chris Jordan, 2010) is an interactive light installation, allowing multiple participants to control light and movement using the iPhone’s interface. The installation utilizes computer, projector, mirrors, and motors. “Qu Yuan Goes West” examines the US/Chinese relationship; and how individual identity and capital (yuan) are transferred between nations. The title refers to […]


Synapsis is part of a small group show at the LEO KUELBS Collection gallery opening Friday. The show is titled POP: Crackle & Snap. SynapsisChris Jordan, 2010Projector, mirror, metal, concrete. Synapsis connects the physicality of neurons and the pharmaceutical drug industry through an interactive immersive light installation. POP: Crackle & Snap Video and Light Installations […]

Ghost Chandelier

Working with the Rockwell Group, I designed, “Ghost Chandelier” for the 12 floors of the Ames Hotel in Boston. This optical illusion, called a “Pepper’s Ghost“,  and gives the impression that a chandelier is floating in the elevator lobby; as seen reflected in a mirror. This is achieved by ensconcing a physical chandelier inside the […]

New Island Festival with FIGMENT

Governor’s Island is going out with a bang this season, staying open until 11pm Thursday through Sunday; with FIGMENT contributing a full line up of artists, installations, and dj’s on Saturday from 11AM – 11PM. [media id=1] I’ve thrown myself into the fray with numerous installations, including a 3d stage (thanks Noise), with 3d glasses […]

Temple of Ephemeral Light Creatures on the Island of the Gamelatron

Presented at STRANDED! Organized by Winkel & Balktick. With Zemi-17 and the Gamelatron Timelapse of the installation (23 megs) (Photo courtesy Eric Brown) Background Through Millions of orbits of the cradle planet Earth around the Sun, life spontaneously emerged and evolved from a mixture of cosmic gases to amoeba and paramecium; from tad pole to […]

Minute of Parallax on Governors Island

Minute of Parallax is an interactive installation utilizing the sun. Jamie Leo and I created this for the Governors’ Island season-long program, City of Dreams. June 12 – October 11 The island is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday. (Official Ferry Schedule website) The installation is best experienced on sunny days.Check the weather before heading out. Ferry […]

Sight and Sound at Eastern Bloc (Montreal)

I’ll be performing as part of this two day event in Montreal on the Part I program. Eastern Bloc presents SIGHT and SOUND: an immersive video experience, over 2 nights (May 29 + 30), incorporating the work of 20 artists from Canada and the United States. Combining various forms of digital arts, these artists will collaborate […]

One Step Beyond with Visions!

Back to the Rose Center with Vision! Owen Bush, Benton-C, and myself working the image light. I’ve resurrected one of my first fractal mirror wheels for this event. The music line up should be wonderful as well. This monthly only gets better and better. Friday, March 13th, 9pm-1am $20 Advanced sales ONLY (includes planetarium ticket, […]

PMP with Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey at Southpaw

I’ll be creating a live projection installation for this performance/happening involving a bunch of amazing artists converging on Southpaw in Park Slope. Bring something to PRINT on, as Peripheral Media Projects (PMP) will be in the house with ink and screens. JACOB FRED JAZZ ODYSSEY DAS 3 (3/4 of Das Vibenbass) $10 adv./$15 d.o.s 8 […]

Tripleflow at Eyebeam

Akairways (Anakin Koenig), Caspar Stracke, and myself collaborated on, “Tripleflow”, at Eyebeam. The piece examines utopias and the vision of Buckminster Fuller. Our three chambers present distinctly contrasting environments that challenge the notion of a universal utopia. March 6 – 7, 2009 Fri., March 6, 9PM – 2AM: Installations + Tim Sweeney Sat., March 7, […]