Personal Info/Projects/Misc This is loosely private info for family and friends. There's a TON of links in here to things I've done in life, places I've been, things I support, interesting stuff I've built, and things that didn't fit anywhere else.

Chris Jordan
cj (At) seej  . net

Explorations - Photo Journals
Spain 2001
Thief Chief
NYC 9/11/01
Critical Mass
Jamaica 2003
Catskills 2003
Saranack 2003
Blackout 2003
Hungary 2004
Maine 2005
Belieze 2006
Hiedemans in Atlanta 2006
Ecuador 2007

Burning Man
2002  2003
Random Projects, some art pieces, some ongoing series I organize
Sensor Re:Engine
Burning Man
Kite Grid
Rooftop Movies
Terrorist Porn
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Lighting Elements
T.V. Cube
Moire Pillar
Slide Shade

Misc Links
Interesting Links
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Photo Journals